The Foundations’ festivities honor those who have worked tirelessly to help provide support for communities of color and marginalized areas that have fallen between the cracks of resources and need help beyond existing sources.

Simone Gordon, founder/CEO of The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation – a non-profit 501c3 – is committed to helping those make it through the tough times and find new success. Ms. Gordon – “Over the past year, we have helped hundreds of families survive. Now, there are hundreds, if not thousands, more who need assistance. Without our support, they may lose their homes, healthcare, and their dignity. To help them find a new foundation for growth, development and success, this is why I present our yearly fundraiser, the Purple Diamond Awards.”

A single mother raising an autistic son and a survivor of domestic violence, Simone Gordon created The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation after receiving assistance from a social media group made up of moms from across the country. As this wonderful group of mothers made sure Simone’s son received the necessary services for his well-being, they assisted Ms. Gordon’s with her education. The result – Simone graduated from college last spring with a diploma in nursing and is currently enrolled at a university pursuing a higher degree. All of this while paying it forward to help marginalized communities in need via The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation.