“Runway Of Hope” is an empowerment fashion show celebrating the women’s and men transition into their new chapter in their lives.

The “Runway Of Hope” is not your conventional fashion show. Instead, it is a celebration of a new beginning “towards the light”.

The “Runway Of Hope” showcases women who have experienced different hardships in their life, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking, and are now on the road to rebuilding their lives. The walk on the Runway signifies the transition from a place of darkness to one of hope and light. In working with these courageous women, I  remind them of how beautiful and worthy they are and strengthen their self-esteem. Seeing the newfound light in their eyes while on the “Runway Of Hope ” is gratifying to me. One of the most touching moments is when the ladies say to me,” it is the first time that I ever felt beautiful. It is priceless! I am so proud of their commitment as they began their journey.

We also celebrate on the runway individuals who have made a difference in their communities and in the lives of others. People whose light shines bright and lead the way for others through kindness.