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This year marks a significant milestone as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mag Gala, a pivotal event in our mission to support survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.

For the past decade, we’ve been tirelessly rolling the snowball of kindness, gathering momentum towards a brighter future for those in need.

Join us as we honor this milestone with an unforgettable evening filled with empowerment and compassion.

Mag Gala presents a unique opportunity for you to participate in a transformative celebration of kindness, while also supporting survivors on their journey towards healing and empowerment.

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Meet our Honoree of the year

This year, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we proudly honor Peter Thomas Roth as our Special Honoree. Peter Thomas Roth, renowned for his visionary leadership at Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care, embodies an unwavering commitment to philanthropy and social impact.

His boundless generosity has provided hope and opportunities for many facing adversity.

Peter Thomas Roth’s dedication resonates deeply with MAG Gala’s mission, and we are privileged to recognize his contributions. Through his remarkable achievements, he exemplifies the transformative power of individual commitment in fostering positive change for survivors and communities.

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Featuring Candace Bushnell

The Honoree award will be bestowed by Candace Bushnell, the renowned author celebrated for her vivid portrayal of modern urban life in her compelling narratives.

From her seminal work “Sex and the City,” which served as the inspiration for the iconic TV series, to her insightful essays and novels, Candace Bushnell has made a lasting impact on contemporary literature and popular culture.

Candace Bushnell’s visionary storytelling continues to captivate and influence audiences, making her the perfect presenter for this special tribute honoring Peter Thomas Roth’s outstanding contributions to our cause and inspiring others to emulate his philanthropic endeavors.

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Performance by Pamela Morgan

Pamela Morgan is more than just a chef, author, or performer; she’s a dynamic force, captivating audiences with her multifaceted talents and magnetic presence.

As a cabaret star, Pamela commands the spotlight with her electrifying performances, captivating listeners with her soulful voice, dynamic stage presence, and infectious charisma. Each note she sings carries audiences on an emotional journey, from uproarious laughter to heartfelt tears, leaving them mesmerized and yearning for more.

At Mag Gala, Pamela Morgan transcends mere performance; she becomes a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of the transformative power of passion, creativity, and resilience in overcoming life’s obstacles and embracing its joys.

Her mere presence elevates the evening, infusing it with an infectious energy, palpable excitement, and a boundless sense of possibility.

Performance by Sarah Charness

Sarah Charness is more than a renowned violinist; she’s a virtuoso whose music transcends boundaries and resonates with audiences worldwide.

Inspired by a diverse range of musical genres, from pop to rock to electronic dance music, Sarah pushes the limits of traditional violin performance. By blending genres and styles, she creates a unique and captivating sound that is entirely her own.

At Mag Gala, Sarah Charness is not merely a performer; she’s a storyteller. Through her violin, she communicates emotions, evokes memories, and inspires hope. Sarah’s music takes listeners on a transformative journey, leaving them captivated by the depth of her artistry.

With Sarah Charness on stage, the atmosphere is not just set for a performance; it’s a moment of magic. Her music becomes a conduit for connection, healing, and transformation, creating an unforgettable experience for all who are fortunate enough to witness it.

What does the press say?

Mag Gala 2023 created a buzz across renowned media platforms, captivating audiences and earning praise from esteemed publications including Forbes, Haute Living, New York Social Diary, Social Life Magazine, and numerous others. With its outstanding success and overwhelmingly positive feedback, Mag Gala 2023 solidified its position as one of the year’s most anticipated and widely discussed events.

Mag Gala received acclaim in Forbes for its dedication to empowering survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, with its innovative fundraising approach highlighted as a global model for social impact initiatives.

Haute Living recognized Mag Gala for its star-studded roster of honorees and performers, cementing its status as a must-attend event for philanthropists and socialites.

New York Social Diary and Social Life Magazine captured the essence of Mag Gala 2023, portraying an evening filled with elegance, inspiration, and purpose.

From survivors’ moving speeches to electrifying performances, every moment of Mag Gala 2023 showcased the resilience of the human spirit and the power of collective action.

As the buzz surrounding Mag Gala 2023 reverberates, it’s evident that this event is not to be missed.

Each year, Mag Gala surpasses expectations, offering an opportunity to make a real difference in survivors’ lives and contribute to a violence-free future.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of something extraordinary. Reserve your spot at Mag Gala today and join us in empowering survivors and building a brighter future for all.

Highlights of MAG Gala 2023

Over the past decade, Mag Gala has hosted transformative events in New York, Los Angeles, and Houston, uniting communities to support survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.

From the iconic streets of NYC to the star-studded scenes of LA and the vibrant energy of Houston, each gala has left an indelible mark, inspiring others to join the movement and make a difference in the lives of survivors worldwide.

These events have not only brought glamour and inspiration but also made a tangible impact on the lives of those in need.

As Mag Gala enters its second decade, it remains steadfast in its mission of empowering survivors and creating a future free from violence and exploitation, one city at a time.

Featuring: The Runway of hope

The Runway of Hope symbolizes the resilience and strength of survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, showcasing not just fashion but the triumph of the human spirit.

Each step toward the light represents their journey from darkness to empowerment, inspiring all who witness their courage and determination.

The Runway of Hope serves as a powerful reminder that despite the obstacles they face, survivors can emerge stronger and more radiant than ever before.

Our Sponsors

MAG Gala’s success is greatly attributed to the generous support of its sponsors, who play a crucial role in ensuring each event’s resounding success. These sponsors go beyond mere financial support; they are integral partners in the mission to empower survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, lending their resources, expertise, and influence to amplify MAG Gala’s impact.

From corporate giants to local businesses, MAG Gala’s sponsors represent diverse industries and backgrounds, all united by their commitment to social responsibility and philanthropy. Through their sponsorship, they not only contribute to the logistical and financial aspects of the event but also lend their credibility and brand power to raise awareness and mobilize support for the cause.

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