Dearest Luisa,

I am beyond honored and delighted to have been included in Mi Amor Gala’s "Runway of Hope”. It is an experience that will live long in my memory, not just because of the wonderful event itself - the feeling of empowerment as I was celebrated, and how that was a potent recognition of my strength in leaving such abuse and humiliation - but also the sense of finding my tribe.

It’s my first time meeting a collection of women who “get me”, who understand the toll that trauma of that kind takes on a person, and the amount of fortitude and courage it takes to leave, especially with kids in tow.

My heartfelt thanks to you Luisa, for facilitating all that I experienced, and for your on-going, tireless commitment to shedding a light on the plight of abused women. You are not only beautiful inside and out, but have a strength, resilience and tenacity of your own that is palpable. You are clearly a force to be reckoned with!

I would love to help in any way in supporting other women in the future through your organization. It would truly be my privilege to do so.
With deep and lasting appreciation

Sione OwenSurvivor

Hi Luisa,

Thank you again for all your inspiration and kindness.

The Runway of Hope has done so much for my life. For once in a long time, I felt happy and appreciated.

Luisa your grandmother’s story is so inspirational. She truly was a strong woman who knew her value.

The Runway of Hope made me feel like I did have value, and that I did do something extraordinary. I was able to walk towards the light and see a better life is waiting for me. All the past sadness and struggle seem to melt away in that magical night.

Luisa, your kindness knows no limit. To experience a night at the Mag Gala is a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you! You truly are a hero.

Ann HillSurvivors

know since the day we officially connected I have been expressing gratitude for Devine connection granted through God. From our first conversation I was excited I met someone whose mission is to spread kindness to the world and states " Kindness is cool 😎 ". We shared experiences with transparency and love. I knew God meant for this to happen. The healing journey from domestic violence is a challenging yet rewarding experience. Rewarding because we gain the support of loving people like you Luisa and your entire team. When I heard of the opportunity to participate in a GALA fashion show especially celebrating us survivors while encouraging us to walk towards the light....I said YES!!!
Plus I always wanted to be a model and this opportunity set me on the path to prepare for the "BIG MAG GALA RUNWAY OF HOPE".
The meetings, preparations, rehearsals, check-ins, dress fittings, and telephone calls were all beautiful experiences that are unforgettable. Walking into the designers cooperation office was an unforgettable experience. I was like " AM I really at Jivonni", looking for these beautiful pricy dresses? The answer popped in my head... Luisa and her foundation team feels we deserve this and we should believe we are beautiful and worthy ". Then we picked the beautiful orange dress. I was held by my hands and told one of the most happy words in my life. Luisa said" I am going to make you were the butterfly cape, you wanted to be a model so I am making it happen" . I was so filled with joy that God through Luisa made my first major modeling experience happen. I modeled hope, survival, beauty, strength, resilience, forgiveness, understanding, transparency, bravery, health, and the list goes on. I felt totally amazing and beautiful walking the runway of hope. I worked hard, got in shape, stayed positive and healthy holistically in preparations for the event. Luisa and her amazing team was always there to talk and answer questions. I feel blessed.
The MAG GALA event team where so caring to us ladies and everyone. Getting professionally glamorous by your team gave me the first hand experience of a beauty queen. Thanks so much Luisa and team. I met so many amazing people who showed us love and support that we infinitely need on this healing journey.
Your grandmother is proud of you Luisa. We survivors have a little bit of your grandmother and you say she never got to experience what you are doing for us but I must tell you she has for the last 9 years you have been doing this GALA in her memory. When you shower us with your kindness and love, she feels it as well. She and we feel the encouragement and empowering support ❤️. She raise a great girl and I am proud to have participated in the MAG GALA RUNWAY OF HOPE event at the plaza hotel along with my amazing team of beautiful survivors who are now my circle of support as well. I love you Luisa and thank you so much 💗.


Being on the Runway of Hope was incredible! Every moment of the process was so been special. From interview day with the afternoon at the salon with you and the other gals- to our night on the Runway of Hope! It has been surreal for me. I truly could not have imagined being honored and “seen”, really noticed, by others for my accomplishments since leaving my life and starting over again. This was such a magical and loving event. Your kindness, genuine interest and loving care for me and the others was something I will always hold in my heart. Thank you for caring and showing the world what I have become in my new life in such a special heart felt way. Many thanks to you and Allen and your incredible team, including Rocky.

If there is ever a time I can help get your message out to the world let me know - I would be honored to assist. Your beloved grandmother is definitely proud and honored by your continued efforts and contribution to raising awareness of domestic violence. God bless you always

Mia PergolizziSurvivor

Dear Luisa,

Thank you, thank you thank you! What a wonderful event! I was so happy and proud to be a part of it.

My ex husband was removed from my home by the police almost 15 years ago (June 12, 2008) and I had quite a journey to where I am now. YOU and this fantastic gala gave me the closure I needed…and as you had told me, so deserve. I couldn’t think of a better way to move on than to see the light at the end of your runway and realize I have truly moved on. I hope to continue now to help others, with the inspiration of my work here at Hope’s Door and my grand finale at the MAG gala.

It was such a pleasure meeting the other women that have experienced hardship similar to mine and see how they too have become strong survivors.

Thank YOU Luisa, for all that you do. YOU are the sunshine. YOU are kindness. It is truly cool to be kind.

If you ever need any help with anything for your organization I am here to help.

Thank you for helping me J

Thank you,

With much love and muchos besos

Tami ShimkinSurvivor

To the beautiful Luisa,
Safe Passage and you, forwarded me this opportunity when it was called the Mi Amor Gala, and I thought that runway was emotional. That was the first turning point in my life where I was shown my worth and what I am capable of achieving. Since then, it has been my mission to forward the opportunity of freedom and life to as many women as I can by sharing my testimony. So, when I got the invite to not only be part of the Runway of Hope but also get to see New York and get to be in the same space with Ms. Luisa and Trish Steele the two women that not only saved my life but showed me a new way to live I was ecstatic. It was such a joy to meet and spend time with women who all had different stories but are now full of hope and happiness and are doing amazing things in their lives. I am forever grateful anytime I am given the opportunity to give back to Luisa and Trish and it will continue to be my mission to bring other women in to this light.
What you might not know about that experience is that I met some people had some conversations and pitched my dream career to which is in line with what you have offered me and have been blessed with the opportunity to get make that dream a reality and if all goes well I will be able to grow that dream in as many states as possible that have women I can help and look forward to getting other women on that Runway of Hope.
Thank you, Luisa, for all that you do and for reminding me of who I am and whose I am.
Much love to you.

Cindy AmundsonSurvivor

My name is Jacquene Younge founder of Heiress Legacy a ministry I founded in honor of my grandmother Helen Marie Younge who raised me from birth, my birth mother who suffers from mental illness and in honor of my legacy to my daughter Ava and three adult sons Ejon, Rodney & Riley.

I created Heiress Legacy in 2016 for young girls and young women that are seeking to grow deeper in their personal relationship with Christ as they evolve and partake in workshops, mentorship and one on one faith based counseling structured through our sessions entitled.

"Become a Better You on Your Journey to Becoming Whole"

Insight+Intellect+Wisdom is needed as we evolve, heal and become. So for me on my personal journey to "Become A Better Me" , staying connected to women who I am inspired by is vital especially when you don't come from a healthy family with healthy role models or mentors.

I wanted to give a little background and context of who I am and how much this event touched my heart and inspired me to keep going, keep loving and believing in myself with my head held high.

I am a graduate of Safe Passage in 2017 and was recently invited to the RunWay of Hope by the founder of Safe Passage Trish Steele and VP Janet Cano. This event was held in New York and to my surprise I was granted a complimentary trip to New York to meet the beautiful founder of THe Runway of Hope Luisa. I was so happy and honored to attend now that my sons are in college and I am able to devote more time to myself. The phone call, the trip and experience were all beyond a blessing to me.

It gave me so much hope to continue to build my ministry, help other women and build a legacy on earth built in Love; after seeing all the beautiful women Luisa has had an influence on within their personal journey toward healing after trauma and providing them a safe space to feel powerful in their beauty and glow done in excellence was amazing. I was in awe to hear Luisa's personal testimony at the Gala and the origin of why she created RunWay of Hope in honor of her grandmother.

Reading Luisa's book is an inspiration to keep the character of feminine energy at the forefront with grace, humility and a bit of classy sexiness. Her elegance radiates and she definitely left her footprint on my heart, smile and runway walk.

I felt love, light, blessings and angelic support during the entire trip. I definitely felt heaven shining down on the entire experience and my grandmother's love.

The peace and kindness poured into myself and the other ladies was remarkable. Seeing myself and the other women light up inside definitely spoke to the little girl that lives within each of us. The dresses gifted to us, the gift basket and book along with a makeover were the sprinkles on top of a beautiful memory. The love, hope and kindness were definitely felt and I am beyond grateful. My first trip to New York was not just an ordinary trip, it was a trip I will cherish for a lifetime and I came back with a new excitement to keep pushing, keep inspiring and to keep believing in myself and the beauty inside out.

I will take all the etiquette and beauty tips learned at the gala and read about in Luisa's book during Runway of Hope and carry them with me as I teach my daughter.

Thank You Luisa for pouring your love and kindness into other women. Your generosity, time, heart and effort are not in vain.

You made an impact in my life and inspired me beyond words....I thank you and pray to keep the connection. Your amazing!!!

Jacquene YoungeSurvivor

Hi Luisa,
When I received the invitation to participate in the Gala, my initial reaction was no. Then I took a pause and decided to step outside my comfort zone and embrace the experience not fully knowing what to expect.
From the start, your texts and emails have been full of warmth and love! The constant reminders that we are worthy and deserving are incredible. To be honest, this was the first time I was celebrated and it felt a little awkward.

I was nervous for our first gathering but you made me feel comfortable and safe. I was surprised by my flood of tears during our interview as I thought I was over it. I appreciated your tenderness and care during our talk. Your team has also been warm and kind throughout the process.
The experience at the salon was an incredible, fantastic treat I will never forget along with meeting other strong, beautiful women.
Now, the Gala at the Plaza was like a dream! I felt like Cinderella for the night! Makeup, hair & the opportunity to wear a designer gown. This was my first time at The Plaza. Even more special was being able to share this night with ny daughter. I am still basking in the glow of being celebrated like never before & am so appreciative!
My sincerest thanks for bringing attention to domestic violence in all its forms and providing a means to end the cycle. I can only imagine all the hours/work you have put into making this night happen for the benefit of others. It was wonderful spending time & getting to know you. I hope to attend a future gala with my own seat at the table 😊. Wishing you some well deserved rest until you start up again.
Sending a big hug & ❤️