MAG GALA (Mi Amor Graciousness Gala) is a celebration of kindness.

MAG GALA, recognizes angels who empower other angels with broken wings through the gift of love.

MAG GALA produces glamorous events to raise funds for non-profit grassroot organizations making a difference in their communities, working to improve the lives of those who have been afflicted by domestic violence and human trafficking.

Our Beneficiaries are non-profit grassroot organizations that are working in “Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse by healing and empowering women and their children, helping them to live new, safe, and productive lives.”

The MAG Gala recognizes the acts of kindness of individuals, non-profits and  organizations that works helping others, with the Kindness is Cool Award each year.

The MAG GALA Event is currently featured in New York City, Los Angeles and Houston, Texas.

“Changing the world with one drop of kindness at a time”

Kindness is Cool!

Mi Amor Gala’s 5th Anniversary Debut In New York City