Introducing the 'Kindness is Cool" Members of the MAG GALA committee

We are thrilled to unveil the passionate team who will form the driving force behind the upcoming MAG Gala. This dynamic committee is comprised of dedicated visionaries – each bringing their unique talents and expertise – but mostly kindness and believe that “Kindness is cool”



  • Luisa Diaz



  • Warren Beckerman
  • Alan Brown
  • Trish Steele



  • Noreen Donovan


JR Committee Chair

  • Brendan Roth



  • Dina Barossi
  • Robin Beckerman
  • Chris Avery Bennet
  • Janet Cano
  • Jenniffer Firpo
  • Sally Gutierrez
  • Gloria Holzapfel
  • Samantha Kosloske
  • Ellie Libby
  • Wilson Meza
  • Nancy Pearson
  • Merolyn Rodriguez
  • Alisa Roever
  • Valentina Safro
  • Galina Sazonova
  • Shawna Sherburne
  • Anne Tseng
  • Tracy Turco