It’s my pleasure to let you know how your contributions have been used to help others.

First let me give you some context:
On the Isle of Crete in Greece, there is only one shelter for abused women and their children and it has been providing help for more than 21 years.

This vital organization provides physical protection, psychological counseling services, legal advice, back-to-work initiatives, and much more for women affected by domestic abuse and violence.

Unfortunately, the women’s shelter was damaged by a flood and destroyed further by an earthquake last year.

That’s why one of our missions was to remodel and fully fund operations for the only domestic violence shelter for women and their children.

In addition, the first shelter that has just been built for homeless children named “The House of Angels “ has not been able to open due to a lack of funding for their operation.

So after visiting them and providing financial support with your donations we have been able to help both the House of Ángels and the women’s shelter.


This is where your kind contributions are making a difference in the lives of people in need. All I can say from the bottom of my heart is thank you so much for your support and your contributing to this snowball of kindness.

To find out how you can continue to provide much needed support please follow this link.


Remember, Kindness is cool.
Besitos, Luisa